I am three thousand years old, or thereabouts.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. please send me stuff from now on.
    in solidarity

  2. Hi VomitingDiamonds, this blog is really great, some really useful discussions, I was just wondering if you have any of the material in some kind of layouted format, or pdf? I read in one post that it was a draft for a pamphlet so thought there might be a formatted version. Also if any of this is published anywhere please send links, if not, why not actually!? Thanks for the great blog, greetings from vienna, austria

    • Thanks Kevin, thanks for your kind words. Yes I have scanned in some of the material as PDF’s, eg. Bolstad’s pamphlet The Industrial Front (from which I have published the Lessons of History) and Greg George’s councilist take on anarchism. These historical pamphlets were originally published in the 1970s, but just as photocopied pamphlets, and they did not reach a wide audience, so I hope perhaps they will reach a wider audience by putting them up here. But the original layout is not so hot; they look like big long pictureless essays typed out on a typewriter. The PDFs are not up on the web anywhere so I cannot link to them. I have also scanned in some rare articles like Crumps article on Japanese anarchism and have them as PDFs. My own material, eg, the critique of SuperSizeMyPay, is unpublished, but an earlier version of it that was published in the Australian IWW paper is floating around the web somewhere. And I plan to publish that material on call centres and Kolinko as a pamphlet this year, will inform blog readers when I do. That was the one that I talk about it being a draft pamphlet.

  3. Great site, thanks for posting up the SMG stuff. ex-SMG members still get involved with libertarian activity in Brisbane and recently put on a Eureka Award event.

  4. Great blog. but it’s really hard to read white on black.

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