Welcome to this blog!

This blog will host some of my writing about workers stuff, noise and noise punk, radical underground history, some quirky stuff, and so on. I’ve got quite a lot of stuff which I haven’t published yet, but have meant to for ages. Vomiting diamonds is the name of a song from one of my favourite bands, Sun City Girls, who cross psychedelic with middle eastern with indian with punk with jazz with generally disturbing with shockingly bad with shockingly awe inspiring music.

Now to politics. No better a subject to alienate people. On the one hand, I am interested in autonomist Marxism, but repulsed by it at the same time. Autonomist Marxists — more accurately operaismo and autonomia — posit that there is resistance to capital everywhere, you just need to look, and see that the working class is the driving force behind pretty much everything. Yet such a theory seems quaint and romantic in Aotearoa (New Zealand), and more applicable to Italy of the late 1960s and late 1970s where resistance rippled through Italian society, and caused major shockwaves and earthquakes

On the other hand, I am bound by a pessimism about New Zealand society. Sometimes I feel like I am suffocating slowly in a shitty southern soulless shithole called Wellington. Is New Zealand one of the most boring, placid, trivial and inward looking countries in the world? Where is the intellectual debate, passion, energy? The working class has been defeated, demoralised, atomised, isolated. It is largely placid. Sure, there is resistance, but it is mostly individualised. Sure, capital is contradictory, and things can change, and the working class will start be more be active. One day…

So one of the key questions of this blog is how do we proceed in these times of defeat? What do revolutionary minorities — we seem to be viewed as bad as fundamentalist Christians by the majority of the population (it is common to get the response: what planet are you on?) do in such a time? Turn inward? Go outward? Both? Write dumb blogs? Form irrelevant groupuscules?

This is my first blog, dipping my toes into the blogworld to try it out. I’ve been incredibly reluctant to blog cos it seems to be so self-indulgent & individualistic. It seems to fit in ever so nicely with today’s me! me! me! capitalist culture. But on the other hand blogging does seem to create communities of sorts. So like most things blogging is ambivalent, contradictory.


~ by vomitingdiamonds on 25/06/2007.

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